Kruse: Towards Ethical Lifestyle Design

By Eric Schiller on May 26th, 2010 1

Fabian Kruse responded to our ongoing discussion about lifestyle design on his blog the Friendly Anarchist:

Should lifestyle designers be better people? When reading the recent discussion on the topic over at Beyond Growth, one could reach the conclusion that this indeed should be the case. And, honestly, why not? Why limit our niche to the creation of muse businesses, travels, and vain endeavors?

On the other hand, when looking for a better approach to lifestyle design, one should also have in mind that pretty much everything one could wish for in the niche does already exist in another one. Searching for a well-elaborated critique of consumerism? Call Adbusters. Looking for people engaged in fixing our financial system? Ask Attac. Miss an environmental stance? Join Greenpeace or Earth First. Now, you might ask, what do these institutions and the individuals behind them have to do with lifestyle design?

The answer: It depends on your definition of the word. It’s a triteness, but following the broadest and simplest definition, lifestyle design is about nothing more or less than designing your lifestyle. Or, as JD Bentley put it a few months ago in a similar discussion: “Judging by the requirements of the term itself without any concepts applied by the zealots who promote it, everyone who has ever lived is a lifestyle designer.”

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  1. Evan says:

    I think part of the better world we want to build is one where people make their income doing the work they love.

    Saving the current organisation of our societies isn't worth the effort.
    My recent post Good Reasons

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