Hedonism, Superstimuli, and Personal Development – Episode 1 of The Duff Show

By Duff McDuffee on November 11th, 2013 1

Is there anything for us modern progressive folk in the old-fashioned notion that we must avoid “sense pleasures” in favor of the spiritual or inner life, or this is just ancient moralizing B.S.? It seems that nowadays almost nobody subscribes to such a view, but are we missing something in doing so?

Is Hedonism–that which is good is what feels good–sufficient for a good life? Why or why not? What could replace it?

Here’s a 38 minute spontaneous lecture on hedonism, superstimuli, ethics, spirituality, and personal development.

It’s Episode 1 of The Duff Show! Where Duff talks about things, and hopefully people find it interesting enough to actually listen, and better yet, engage in dialogue in comments and on Facebook afterwards.

Hedonism, Superstimuli, and Personal Development – Episode 1 of The Duff Show by Duffmcduffee on Mixcloud

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p.s. BG has been somewhat dead for quite some time, in part because Eric joined the gainfully employed and because Duff stopped being so interested in critiquing personal development culture. I guess I just kinda said what I needed to say, and then I wasn’t sure what to write about.

But my long hibernation has not been for naught! This year the seeds of change have been sprouting as I have been researching science that is relevant to personal growth and developing novel change methods based on the science and combined with NLP techniques. Check out the seedlings over at my new site Scientific Goals.

I’m working on a top secret project right now along those lines. In the meantime, the comments here are somewhat broken, but please do join me on Facebook where I am very active most days.



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