Personal Development and Justice for All

By Duff McDuffee on May 6th, 2012 1

So much personal development and self-help culture encourages achieving personal financial goals so that one can help others, either simply through the invisible hand of the market or by one day becoming a wealthy philanthropist. I think it’s a crucially important part of one’s personal development to understand why this quest is a myth, ultimately failing to understand the structural violence endemic to global poverty.

Today I watched an excellent documentary, available free on YouTube, on the recommendation of a twitterer named Matthew Stillman. The documentary is entitled “The End of Poverty? Think Again” and makes a strong case for what the root causes of poverty really are (hint: it’s not lack of natural resources) and what real solutions might look like (hint: it’s not aid from first world nations).

I highly recommend that you check out this movie as part of your personal development.



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