Beyond Growth 1.0
July 2009 to Nov 2014

Version 1.0 of Beyond Growth was an experimental collaborative blogging project founded by Eric Schiller and Duff McDuffee. It was focused on critiquing and expanding the personal development field.

Eventually that phase of the project ran its course. Mostly I (Duff) felt that while it was personally useful to write, the project did not ultimately lead to the dialogue in the field of personal development that I was hoping for.

All the original articles are still up on this site, although sadly some of the comments have been lost due to technical problems involving mass quantities of comment spam.

Beyond Growth 2.0
2015 – present

BG 2.0 is an online resource for learning about how to do effective change work, for thinking deeply about how to live a good life, and for how we might leave the world a little better than we found it.

Version 2.0 of Beyond Growth is just Duff’s writing and coaching, with perhaps some guest posts here and there.

Really it’s not that far from the original intention of BG 1.0, just with a little less emphasis on criticism and a little more emphasis on practical methods of change. Also, my intention for BG 1.0 was to be non-commercial, whereas now my personal change coaching services are integrated into the project, with plans for other commercial offerings (while keeping the articles free of course).

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Where can I find you on social media?

I’m on Facebook and Twitter, but limit my use of social media.

Social media is an addictive-by-design super-normal stimulus that makes someone else rich by stealing away your productive hours. It is best to abstain if you can, or strictly moderate your use to less than 30 minutes a day if you can’t.